Remote Controlled Trucks - Coming on Strong!

Remote controlled trucks are a relatively recent entry into the RC family. RC models first appeared about 35 years ago when the founder of Kyosho, one of the best respected RC manufacturers today, tied a rope to a glider and swung it around his head.

Today you can get almost any kind of RC vehicle including, cars, boats, planes, helicopters, dune buggies, construction equipment, blimps, UFOs, and, of course rc trucks.

When it comes to remote controlled trucks, you have several basic choices, and a wide assortment of secondary choices. First, you need to decide if you want to build your vehicle form a kit, or opt for a RTR (ready-to-race) model.

Next, you need to decide upon an electric or gas model, and then the actual type of truck that meets your budget. You can expect to pay between $125-$400 for the average type of remote controlled trucks and a lot more for super customized "hopped up" versions.

Low-end gas remote controlled trucks can reach speeds of 30 mph, and some of the more expensive models can exceed 40 mph out of the box.

While we are on the subject of gas, keep in mind that real gasoline will not work in your gas engine. Remote controlled trucks operate on a fuel called nitro which can be purchased at any hobby store. Of course, if you're using an electric truck, you should avoid filling it up with nitro when a simple rechargable battery is what the motor really wants!

The two most popular types of remote controlled trucks are Off Road Trucks, which are great for backyard bashing, jumping and bumping, and Off Road Monster Trucks which are the most popular RC trucks ever. These beasts come in 1/8 scale and 1/10 scale, and 2WD and 4WD. Spend the extra bucks and get the 4WD, it's more than worth it.

Monster remote controlled trucks are the meanest trucks in he valley. Equipped with big-block engines and large tires, these beasts can navigate over, through, or around just about any terrain, including sand and mud, by sheer brute power. Although the 1/10 scale trucks are "cute", you're better off with the power available in the mean and ugly 1/8 scale models.

Although the electric models are fun as well, they can only run for about 10-20 minutes before they need a recharge. Gas-powered rc engines, on the other hand, require only a short pit stop to refuel and they're right back out in the thick of things.

Electric motors purr. Gas engines rumble and roar and sound almost like the real thing! You can sponsor your own monster truck derby, and have your friends bring their remote controlled trucks and join in, or you can join any of the Monster Truck Clubs that abound.

For my money there is nothing in the RC family that is more fun than driving remote controlled trucks. Cars are nice, planes are cool, but trucks rule!

I hope this information on remote controlled trucks has been helpful. Click here for more great info about rc trucks and rc cars.