Tips for Tuning Your Remote Control Gas Cars

There are some very easy ways for you to tune and maintain your remote control gas cars for the best possible performance. Have a look at the tips below to get the very most out of your remote control gas car.

(Note: RC cars can and often do have their own special maintenance or tuning requirements. So, please review your owner's manual before implementing any of these ideas.)

  • Improving acceleration - With use and time, the clutch and the clutch bell will usually develop a glaze which forms as a result of the clutch slipping against the clutch bell.

    As this glaze accumulates, acceleration will slowly decline.

    To remove this glaze - and therefore improve acceleration - scuff the clutch shoes and clutch bell with a fine-grit sandpaper or steel-wool. When both surfaces have been adequately scuffed, clean them with motor spray.

  • Extending the life of your diff - Diffs are filled with many small, intricately cut gears, making them expensive to manufacture, and therefore to purchase.

    Before taking your remote control gas car to its full potential, make sure that the diff has been gently broken in. This can be accomplished by driving your remote control gas car slowly for a few minutes in a figure-8 pattern.

  • Keeping your header in place - When racing a remote control gas car that has a rear-exhaust, there is a risk of having the header disconnect from the engine itself anytime you run into something hard, or take a hard hit.

    The reason for this is that the header is only attached by a spring.

    To be sure that the header never comes off during a race, use a piece of safety wire and wrap it around both the header and the engine block of your remote control gas car. Twist the ends together so that they can’t come off.

  • Bracing your filter - Filter braces can easily be made with a piece of music wire.

    You might want to support the filter to help prevent accidentally losing it - which in turn can result in severe engine damage if not caught almost right away. The brace can be adapted to almost any kind of filter.

  • Avoiding frayed pull cords - If your remote control gas car has a pull-start engine, over time, the cord will become frayed as it rubs against a sharp edge of the car body where the side window has been cut out.

    To solve this problem, simply cut two pieces of fuel tubing. One tube should be the same length as the bottom edge of the window, and another that is the same height as the window opening.

    With a knife, cut both sections of fuel tubing lengthwise and glue them over the edges of the window opening in the area where the pull start cord will rub, therefore protecting the cord and prolonging its life.

  • Removing the prime pump - Air leaks in the fuel system of your remote control gas car can cause serious engine-tuning problems.

    To prevent these problems, it is very simple to cut the primer pump out of the fuel tank! The pump’s O-ring should be left in place, and sealed in the opening with a 4mm flathead screw as well as some silicone gasket sealer.

    To get the fuel flowing to the carburetor, you will simply need to hold your finger over the exhaust tip for a moment.

I hope this information on remote control gas cars has been helpful. Click here for more great info about rc cars.