RC Trucks - Catch the Fever!

There is a whole line of available RC trucks to fill the need, whether it's big rig fever, or a monster truck attack.

Monster Trucks are a hands-down winner of the RC trucks game. They are simply the biggest, meanest, baddest RC vehicles ever made.

They come with oversize tires held by super shock absorbers, and no-nonsense gas or electric engines plus super gear ratios that rival their real-life counterparts. You can have your own backyard monster truck competitions, or join any of the hundreds of monster truck clubs around the world.

If you long for even a bigger monster, then the big rigs and utility RC trucks are more what you had in mind.

RC dump trucks are capable of hauling up to 8 pounds of cargo, roll over rough terrain, and even tilt their beds to dump a load just like the real thing. You'll find that the electric models are more powerful and sport impressive gear-driven transmissions with a ratio: 91.6:1 or better!

Similar to the dump truck, there is even a fully operating garbage truck that can eat a whole load of wastepaper and tuck it inside of its hopper just like the one that comes to your house every week.

If long haul driving is your dream then you'll find heaven with these big rig RC trucks. Along with all of the detail that you'll find in the real ones, these scaled down counterparts have working head, roof, and fog lights, real sounding diesel horn, and rumble just like the real thing!

Most models are electric and include a special multi-purpose radio controller that lets you remotely hookup and drop the trailer. Usually the tractor and trailers are sold separately.

You can choose from standard freight trailers, flatbeds, and refridgerated models.

RC trucks are fun to operate. The big rigs take a bit of getting used to, especially when it comes to cornering and backing up.

Just like real rigs, it takes a bit of skill to master parking the trailer and backing in a straight line.

Speed demons will be a bit disappointed with the big rigs. Top speed is around 2.5 MPH while the monster trucks can clock in as high as 5MPH and a bit more with some hopping up.

Overall the RC trucks category is designed for enthusiasts who want the off the road or over the road experience that only RC trucks can deliver. Racers are better off selecting dragsters or cars.

Modeling the real world can get expensive. Expect to pay up to $500 for the top-end of the RC trucks family.

If you have an urge to get behind the wheel, but you lack the budget and enough wide open spaces to make it all happen, there are a whole line of mini RC trucks that are almost as much fun.

Complete with flashers, and all of the whistles and bells that you'd expect, these mini's are a great deal of fun. Don't let their small size fool you however.

It still takes some effort to master backing up and parking, and you'll probably be the king of the jack-knifing circuit before you finally get the hang of it.

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