Getting to Know The Engine of Your RC Monster Truck!

Before driving - or even buying - your first rc monster truck, get to know what it’s capable of, through an understanding of its engine.

Please keep in mind that the following tips refer to the standard rc monster truck engine. Not all engines are created equal.

Therefore, for your specific engine, carefully read over the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your vehicle. Within these instructions, you’ll also find handy information about assembly as well as running, troubleshooting and fine-tuning the engine.

Whether your rc monster truck is equipped with an electric starter or the traditional (and more common) pull-start, it's important to be sure that the engine is well lubricated before getting started.

This prevents serious damage from occurring to your rc monster trucks engine on its first run. When you unpack your new rc monster truck and are preparing to begin assembly, resist the temptation to pull on the pull-start.

Operating the pull-start before the engine has been properly lubricated with after-run oil can damage the internal parts of the engine.

To prepare the engine of your gas powered off road rc monster trucks for running, you'll need to add oil for lubrication. Remove the air filter and glow plug (if it's a nitro engine) and add about four drops of after-run oil into the carburetor and into the hole where the glow plug is housed.

Use a name-brand after-run oil, available from hobby shops. Once the after-run oil has been added, it's then safe to pull the pull-cord to help circulate the oil.

Familiarize yourself with the location and operation of the vehicle's main engine components:

  • The main needle adjustment is used to regulate the amount of fuel that flows from the gas tank into the engine.
  • The low-idle mix adjustment is factory-set and generally does not need adjustment.
  • The air filter should be removed and cleaned each time the vehicle is operated. After each use, remove the filter and wash it out with warm soapy water.

    Squeeze out the water and allow the filter to dry thoroughly, then add a small amount of oil to the filter before replacing it. Keeping the filter clean and well oiled will help the engine continue to run properly.

  • The glow plug functions in a manner similar to a spark plug on an actual vehicle. It is shielded by a protective housing and provides spark to the engine via the glow-plug wire.
  • The primer is a small plunger located on top of the fuel tank. Several pumps on the primer initiates flow of fuel to the carburetor, enabling easy starting.
  • The clutch engages automatically when the engine reaches specified rpm's.
  • The transmission allows the vehicle to transition between gears. Many rc monster trucks utilize a simple two-speed transmission -- forward and reverse.
Please remember that whenever operating any rc models, the radio transmitter should be the first thing you switch on -- prior to switching on any receivers -- and the last thing you switch off.

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