RC Hobby - A Thrill A Second!

One you are bitten by the RC Hobby (Radio Controlled) bug, there is no cure! Once you see how many different types of radio controlled vehicles there are, you'll probably want to rob a bank to get one of each!

RC Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Well, maybe not trains, but there are a whole slew of vehicles to choose from 8including cars, boats, airplanes, tanks, blimps, helicopters, and a whole lot more! Here are some samples of a few of the major classifications that attract people to the RC hobby:

RC Cars:

Most people get their start with these easy-to-operate vehicles. Currently, off-road vehicles are the most popular. They come complete with knobby tires which can easily handle tough terrain.

Known more for their power than their speed, these RC hobby favorites can reach speeds of 15-30 mph.

RC Planes:

Generally a bit more difficult to operate, a lot of RC hobby enthusiasts flock to them nonetheless. With a range of models that can go from a fairly comfortable 25, to those that can exceed 200 mph, there is a model (and price range) for any airplane RC hobby wannabee.

RC Helicopters:

In my mind, radio controlled helicopters are the elite among the RC hobby choices. They are extremely challenging to control and provide the most satisfaction when you finally master their capabilities.

These puppies are definitely not the best choice for the newbie! Once you master the cockpit controls you'll spend endless hours taking your helicopter through its bag of tricks which include flying backwards, sideways, upside-down, hovering and much more.

RC Boats:

It's hard to find an RC hobby vehicle that's more relaxing to operate than a boat. There are many types of boats available including sailboats and racing boats.

Just like their real-life cousins, RC sailboats operate catching the wind in their sails. The radio control operates the boat's rudder.

Racing boats, on the other hand, have inboard motors, or engines, depending upon whether you choose a gas or electric model. If you live by a lake or ocean, you should own an RC boat just for the times that you want to relax.

For those of you that seek the more esoteric types of vehicles, the RC hobby industry has not forgotten you.

If you have a Rambo streak then you have got to get your hands on an RC tank. The most rugged of all the RC hobby vehicles, they feature real treads that can propel them uphill, off-road, and through sand and standing water as well!

They come in a variety of military colors including camo. Not great speed demons but they are certainly the most powerful rc vehicles around.

The truth is out there somewhere...

X-Files fans will rejoice to discover that the rc hobby family includes Flying Saucers! Although classified more as a toy, these twin-turbofan and tri-turbofan airships can be flown right in your living room!

They are made of lightweight plastic and mylar, similar to the mylar balloons that you see in the stores. One model looks like a conventional UFO while the other is made tolook like a blimp.

They can hover, fly forward, backwards, and sideways. many people use the blimps as a floating trade show sign which has the effect of drawing lots of attention to your booth.

Room from the comfort of your Favorite Chair! Flying Saucer or Blimp Models are available for Armchair Pilots or trade show "Blimp-Board" advertising! They run on batteries and require a shot of helium, available in hobby stores, to give them their lift.

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