RC Car Parts - What You Should Know

Just like in the real world, owning an rc car means that you are eventually going to need rc car parts.

And, just like in the real world, there is no shortage of parts or places to buy them. Whether you shop at your local RC hobby store, or buy from the Internet, different quality parts command different prices.

Make sure that you try to always buy factory replacement parts, whenever possible, to keep your car running like new.

Most serious RC enthusiasts keep a spare bag, or box, or locker full of RC car parts. Not only do you need to have a crash kit that contains vital replacements for things that fall off or get wrecked when you wreck, but "hop up", or speed and customization parts are also in great demand.

When it comes to RC car parts, it makes good sense to make a list of the things that are replaceable in your particular card and keep some spares around.

Of course, spare batteries are always a must have in your RC car parts bag. Even if you operate a gas-powered car, your radio transmitter and receiver uses batteries and, without spares, you're headed for a long pit stop if one dies permanently.

Since any part that is connected near the wheels, especially the front wheels, is almost destined to get dumped during a wreck, most people keep a supply of bumpers, shock towers, and headlights on hand.

No RC car parts bag is complete unless it contains a wide variety of spare body pins, e-clips, c-clips, washers, screws of all types and sizes, plus extra motor brushes and springs.

If you have a bit of extra money, and you want to make sure that your RC car parts bag is complete, then you should also keep extra ball bearings, crystals, and servos so you don't have to be sidelined for days or weeks until you can find a replacement.

Although not technically classified as "spare" RC car parts, "hop up", or after market performance parts are also available to increase your car's performance.

Ranging from special carburetors, to replacement transmissions with modified gear ratios, you can spend a lot of money on RC car parts.

While you are stocking your RC car parts bag, don't forget tools! A soldering iron (battery or butane powered), solder, flux, wire cutters, miniature and regular screw drivers, some super glue, duct tape (really), and a good pair of all purpose snips should get you through most emergencies.

Most repairs are a result of accidents and other unexpected events. However, routine maintenance also requires that you pack some lightweight oil, brush oil, and cleaning solvent into your bag. An extra battery charger is a good idea if you can afford one.

There is nothing worse then sitting on the side watching all of the fun because you need a part that you left home.

Follow the Boys Scouts motto and "Be Prepared". My favorite saying is:

"It's better to have and not need than to need and not have".

I hope this information on rc car parts has been helpful. Click here to get more great info about rc cars.