Tips To Keep In Mind As You Browse For Nitro RC Cars

Thinking of joining the unmatched fun offered by nitro rc cars? Well, come on in... I can't think of any bigger thrill that you can get with your clothes on. In this article, I want to give you a quick overview of the main components of gas powerd remote control cars. Hopefully this information will increase your knowledge of this growing hobby and help you select a vehicle that's just right for you.

To get started in rc nitro cars, there are a few basic components you should become familiar with to get the most from your vehicle. These items include:

  • The radio control - this is the device that allows you to communicate with your nitro rc car, e.g, turn left, turn right, kick butt, etc. :-)
  • A nitro engine - this is the heart of your lion. Some nitro rc cars can rocket to 60 mph or higher!
  • Plenty of nitro fuel - this is a mixture of nitro methane gas and other additives. It's not as combustible as gasoline, but the main thing you should know is that it's still dangerous!

You’ll also need some accessories for starting the engine:

  • EITHER a pull start nitro engine (which uses a process just like your lawnmower for starting the engine)
  • OR a non-pull nitro engine (just fire it up with a starter box).

Most people start with a pull start engine and some upgrade to a starter box later on.

Be certain to take proper care of your nitro rc car to be sure that it runs to its maximum potential. This includes keeping it well tuned, keeping the engine clean (especially if you're using your nitro rc car off road), setting it up correctly, and keeping it well gassed and oiled.

You should also read the care instructions that come with the vehicle to be sure that you’re keeping up with any of the special practices that are unique to your nitro rc car. Failing to meet the minimum basic care instructions can be detrimental to the performance of your nitro rc car. It has been designed to run according set specifications and it simply will not disply the power you desire if these requirements are not met. Get your engine tuned and set up right, and you’re all set for the absolute blast of racing your rc nitro car!

I hope this information on nitro rc cars has been helpful. Click here for more great info about rc cars.