Nitro Gas Cars: Should You Go With An On Road or Off Road Car?

Racing, collecting and maintaining nitro gas cars is huge fun! They’re hot looking little machines that run on nitro methane gas and are amazingly powerful. Hobby quality rc cars are, of course, much different from toy rc cars.

Hobby quality nitro gas cars have nitro engines with tunable suspension systems. These little rockets are also made from high-quality materials and parts -- and can reach speeds of 60 mph and higher! Toy-grade rc cars just simply aren't made to withstand the rigors that hobby-grade nitro gas cars will encounter. Hobby quality nitro gas cars include a wide array of different types that have different features and specialties. The vehicle that best suits your needs depends on your intended use for it.

  • On road cars – The most common size of on road nitro gas cars is the 1:10 scale.

    Larger cars up to 1:8 scale are available and still relatively common. Similarly, smaller 1:18 scale micro cars are rapidly growing in popularity.

    Gas nitro cars can also range anywhere in between these sizes, however, they are less common.

    On road cars should only be driven on smooth surfaces. Foam tires provide strong gripping, but they do wear quickly.

    Believe it or not, it's not uncommon for the 1:8 scale cars to reach speeds of 80 mph...holy cannoli!

  • Touring cars - The most common scale size is 1:10. You'll find that these cars are the most realistic looking -- just like cars you see on the street everday. They can approach speeds of 60 mph.
  • Off road cars – The most common size for these cars is 1:10 scale. They allow you to race your nitro gas car anywhere you want, and are capable of handling the trauma caused by large jumps and uneven, unstable terrain. You'll tend to find these vehicles in the form of buggies.

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