Why Mini Remote Control Cars Are All The Rage!

Mini remote control cars are the latest innovation in rc car technology. They can instantly provide hours of racing fun in just about any imaginable location. These amazing little machines are powerful and surprisingly detailed. They’re so easy to operate that even kids can use them...and they’re small enough to fit into the tiniest pocket!

Mini remote control cars are just over two inches long...the same size as your house keys!  The models they offer are of excellent quality and power. These toys are perfect for indoors, so rainy days are no longer a concern. All you’ll need is a floor without carpet and the world is your racetrack! Standard mini remote control cars come with:

  • 2.5" Miniature body
  • 2.6 High speed motor (the most powerful motor available for mini RC cars)
  • Real rubber tires
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Front wheel steering
  • Fully functional: Forward, Reverse, Left, Right
  • 1 Controller
  • 15 ft Range
  • 1 Charger
  • 45 Sec. Quick Recharge System
  • 5 min extended life run time battery

These cars are surprisingly fast and strong, though they are among the smallest radio controlled cars in the world. Here are additional advantages of these machines:

  • Their parts are interchangeable with each other. Therefore, if you have a body you like, and a motor you like, you can combine them to create your ideal mini remote control car.
  • They are ready to run, right out of the box.
  • They include all six functions of traditional rc cars.
  • They allow for multiple frequencies so that several cars can race at the same time.
  • Their bodies are removable.
  • The front end is adjustable so that you can trim out the steering.

Mini remote control cars are controlled by radio frequency, therefore you are free to take on any track you wish. The cars are way too small for a standard battery, so they have to be recharged differently...but this is a no brainer process! The remote control will usually double as the charger itself.

So, all you need to do is pop your mini remote control car into the remote control device and plug it into the wall. Youur mini remote control car will fully charge within 45 seconds, which means that you can get back to racing or reaking havoc in no time at all! Mini remote control cars are unique, portable, and just plain fun. It's no wonder that they are flying off retail store shelves!

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