Micro RC Cars: Taking A Look Under The Hood

Micro rc cars are usually 1:18 scale and -- depending on the manufacturer -- can measure anywhere from about 8 to 12 inches long. These cars feature:

  • Precise handling, previously unseen in a small-scale rc cars.
  • The same feeling as driving a 1:10 scale touring car.
  • Small enough size to run in a garage or hobby shop.
  • About half the cost of a touring car.
  • Standard electronics.

Included in the standard base package for micro rc cars, are:

  • Four rubber wheels
  • A micro-motor
  • A car chassis
  • A body (which includes the turning mechanism for the front wheels, a circuit board that connects the battery to the charging mechanism, and a cavity to plug in the appropriate engine)
  • A wireless remote control

Motors are usually interchangeable -- and as long as the right gears are in place -- they can be replaced or exchanged to provide better speed or control on turns.

The three gears that exist for micro rc cars are:

  • The pinion - is part of the motor itself and cannot be changed.
  • The idler - is a gear with two sets of teeth, sitting between the spur gear on the rear axle and the pinion gear on the motor.
  • The spur - is fixed on the real wheel/axle set. Spur gears are color coded so that they match with the motors and the idler gear.

It's the gear ratio that determines the speed and acceleration. The gear ratio tells you how many times a pinion must turn for the spur to make one rotation.

Micro rc cars come in a wide range of different car types, such as the PT Cruiser, Mustang, Honda Civic, Toyota Supra, the Mazda RX-7, Toyota Celica, the Honda S2000, and the Mitsubishi Lancer.

Clear designs are also available so that you may create your own design.

Another way to enhance micro rc cars is to use specialty tires to improve speed or performance, special hubcaps for appearance, and special torsion bars which provide better steering control.

Micro rc cars are the ideal option for those on a limited budget or just getting started. They are also great for those looking to race in smaller spaces.

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