Gas Powered Remote Controlled Trucks - Oh What A Feeling!

There is nothing in the world that can beat gas powered remote controlled trucks for realistic action, although available in electric models.

But I must admit that I'm prejudiced when it comes to trucks.

Gas powered remote control trucks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, models, and prices. The all-time current is the 1/8 or 1/10 scale Monster Trucks.

With knobby tires, 2 and 4WD options, fuel-injected engines, there is nothing that sounds so real as the throaty roar of a fully revved engine driving your Monster truck through the mud.

If all of that action is too much for your heart, the makers of gas powered remote controlled trucks haven't abandoned you. In fact, they've prepared a tempting array of choices including semi trucks, garbage trucks, tow trucks, and even popular brand pickups like the Ford F100 and the Chevy Silverado.

Common to all gas powered remote controlled trucks are beefy suspension systems, some with 8 gas-filled, adjustable shock absorbers, dual speed transmissions, strong, flexible bodies, and that "real truck" sound that sets gas powered remote controlled trucks apart from their wimpy electric motor counterparts.

The term gas powered remote controlled truck is actually a misnomer. Using gasoline is a sure way to blow up your engine and send your truck to the big parking lot in the sky.

Todays engines actually run on a fuel called nitromethane, or nitro for short. If you're thinking that this fuel sounds exactly like what real dragsters run, you're absolutely right. The only difference is, a radio controlled car doesn't have to be a dragster to burn nitro.

They all burn it. One other slight difference is that since RC engines are two cycle, and don't have a lubrication system like conventional trucks do, the manufacturers of nitro add a bit of castor oil to keep the engine from seizing. This works exactly the same as two cycle engines on lawn mowers or outboard engines do.

Some of the gas powered remote controlled trucks can get pretty sophisticated. The semi trailers, for example, not only have the traditional steering servo's installed, but they have an extra servo for operating the fifth wheel that lock and releases the trailer.

The RC forklift, a very popular and realistic accessory for those hobbyists that like to set up realistic environments for their vehicles, have additional servos that control the fork's operation just like their big brother's in warehouses around the world.

Unlike electric trucks, which need their batteries recharged every 10-20 minutes, or so, gas powered remote control trucks only require a brief pit stop for refueling before they're back on the road.

Also unlike their electric brethren, gas powered remote control trucks can reach top speeds of 40 MPH, or more, and have a great deal more power. This additional power really comes in handy when you're buried at the bottom of a pile of Monster Trucks in neighborhood mud pit rally.

If you're headed to one of these rallies, come hungry because your gas powered remote controlled trucks are known to eat a lot of electric model's lunch!

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