Complete These Critical Steps Before Operating Your Gas Powered Remote Control Truck At Full Speed!

When you buy a new gas powered remote control truck, it's best to ease the engine in gently before using it full throttle.

There are some very easy techniques that you can use to accomplish this, and you’ll find that you’ll be zipping around at top power in no time.

Please note that this technique works for the most common types of gas powered remote control trucks. However, you should always consult the manufacturer’s literature that comes with your gas powered remote control truck to be sure that you are giving it the best possible treatment.

You’ll also find additional information about running, troubleshooting and fine-tuning your engine in the manufacturer’s instructions. So they are definitely worth a glance.

Once the assembly of your gas powered remote control truck has been completed -- and you’re ready to run it for the first time -- you’ll need to "break in" the engine before running it full tilt. Conduct your break in at the site where you'll be running your truck most often.

Perform your break in on a cool day and on a flat surface. These conditions are easiest on the engine and will result in the smoothest break in.

Most manufacturers, recommend that you open the main needle valve by a number of turns (for example 2½ - check the manufacturers instructions) from the closed position, then run the engine at that setting until the fuel tank runs out.

Repeat this process five more times, each time closing the control valve by 15 degrees.

After your engine has been broken in, your gas powered remote control truck will then be ready for its initial run. The following are the steps you should follow at this time:

  1. Fuel up your vehicle using a quick-fueler bottle to simplify the process of filling the tank, and at the same time avoiding spills. Use only a high-quality fuel that has been specifically formulated for a gas powered remote control truck or car.
  2. Push the primer-plunger a few times to prime the carburetor with fuel. As you do this, you will be able to see the fuel entering the carburetor as long as you are using the standard clear plastic fuel lines.
  3. Depending if you have an electronic starter or a pull start for your gas powered remote control truck, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to turn on the engine. You may now place the body on the chassis.
  4. With the body on the chassis, fasten the body securely using the body clips.
  5. Throttle up on the radio transmitter.
  6. Once you have the engine running, you are ready to go.
  7. Start up slowly before operating the gas powered remote control truck at full throttle. Be gentle with the engine at first and work your way up to the higher speeds.

With these steps in mind, and your manufacturer’s instructions in hand, you’ll be assured the best condition possible for your engine. A word of caution: whenever you are operating any RC vehicles, the radio transmitter should be the very first thing that you switch on - even before switching on any receivers - and the last thing you switch off.

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